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Welcome to
Infinity Coworking

The most modern coworking space in Brazil was created to  make a difference in the daily lives of its customers.

The union of uma  complete corporate structure e  flexible with uma  team passionate_cc781905-5cbbde-3194- best results secret de  productivity, credibility and profitability in business. Count on us to help you in various moments of your professional routine.


We can facilitate ordering a de  lunch delivery, booking a hotel, arranging a meeting, o  relationship with another member of the Infinity Community or simply taking a coffee together to celebrate a  conquest. 


The pleasure of our business is to participate, to add,  to contribute and to accompany your success.







Rio Negro Office Building

Alameda Rio Negro, 503 - 23rd and 24th Floors. 

Alphaville - Barueri, SP - CEP: 06454-000



Your number:

+55 11 2110.YourExtension (if the plan contemplates)

Voice mail:

Audio file will be sent in the message email.

Remote Mailbox:

+55 11 2110.1998


Reception and Concierge:

+55 11 3036.1800  (or "9" if directly on your extension)


Infinity Administration:

+55 11 2110.1801


Building Administration:

+55 11 4552.8817



Building voltage is 220V.




24 hour access

All Infinity customers who have a private or shared office have 24/7 access to both the common areas of the condominium and the business center. Access is via personal magnetic cards with approach technology. Each customer has a card to access the building and another to access the floors and rooms of Infinity Coworking.


App  Magikey

To access the central doors and meetings, it is necessary to register in the Magikey Application. Through this, it is possible to access the main ports by cell phone via bluetooth or with the access card provided by Infinity.



Parking, reception and building cleaning services work without breaks on weekdays and Saturdays. Infinity's reception and personalized telephone service take place on working days, from  9am to 6pm, as well as administration services, organization of meetings and events, support  from IT, secretarial, messenger and cleaning.

Cleaning of the common areas of the center takes place daily until 3:48 pm, and of the rooms according to a cleaning schedule.

Any extra requests at times and/or days other than regular opening hours,  can be accommodated by prior arrangement.

Consult our reception for more information about conditions and prices.



Your mailbox number will be sent by our concierge, whose key can be picked up at any time at reception. The conference and withdrawal of letters and parcels is entirely your responsibility. If we receive an order that is larger than the size of the letter box, we will notify you for collection at the reception as soon as possible.

Receiving mail on weekends is the responsibility of the Building, which will deliver it to the tenants on the first subsequent business day.

We have a Mail Notice service to notify you of the receipt of letters and parcels.


Avaya IX Workplace

Soft Phone Avaya IX Workplace is a software application that extends unified communication from your phone line to your cell phone, that is, extension of your extension. Every call you receive on your company's extension will be redirected to your cell phone. Calls made through SOFT PHONE are charged to a fixed number (your business number) and not to a cell phone. For this technology to work perfectly it is necessary to connect to WI-FI or your  mobile data.

Available for IPHONE and ANDROID, SOFT PHONE is the best way to stay connected with your customers anywhere in the world. 

We ask that you always check that the application does not need to be updated, as this way it will always work perfectly.


To hire this service or for more information, contact our team.

Download the softphone and use the manual below to configure your extension right now.


configuration manual
iOS and Android

configuration manual
Windows and macOS



Your voice mail messages will be directed to the first e-mail message registered in our ERP.

To connect directly to voicemail:

• Call phone (11) 2110.1998.

• Extension: # + the extension number.

• You will be asked for the password 142536# (change it on your first access).

• Listen to the start menu and, when prompted, type *4 Help.

• Option 5 Customize your ATM.

• Option 4 Change password (your password cannot be your extension, sequential numbers or repeated numbers).

To record your personal greeting go to:

• Menu *4 Help.

• Option 3 Record or modify your Personal Greeting (this is the message that will be played  when someone calls you).


*If you want a professional message recorded in the studio, please request a quote.

To engrave your name go to:

• Menu *4 Help

• Option 5 Customize your ATM.

• Option 5 Record name.

To exit the mailbox at any time, press **9.


Calls  Telephone

To make local calls:

•0 + phone number

To make national calls:

•0 + 024 + area code + telephone number

To make international calls:

•0024 + DDI + city code + phone number


Usage Policy 
Meeting rooms
and Events

For your convenience, we have 06 meeting rooms and 01 auditorium.

We ask that reservations be scheduled in advance with our reception and that the Policy on Use of Meeting and Event Rooms is also observed.


Air Conditioning 

The air conditioning system in the common areas of Infinity Coworking works on weekdays from  9am to 6pm. In private offices, both the air conditioning and the lights and electrical points are activated via a switch, being able to work whenever the client is present.


Monthly Invoice or Invoice

Up to the fifth business day of each month, Infinity customers receive the monthly Invoice/Invoice,  by e-mail referring to the services used in the previous month and the fixed plan for the current month. The invoice will be due on the 15th of each month.


Delivery Services

All mail and parcel shipments, whether by Post, DHL, Fedex, by  motoboys, bike delivery, couriers or any specialized companies can be requested directly at Infinity Reception and paid on your next Invoice/ invoice


Services  Graphics

In the common areas of the 23rd and 24th floors, Infinity has a graphic services area, offering high quality copying, scanning and printing.

For copies and prints in standard size, in PB and/or Color, we use the self-service system or via the Customer Portal.


You will receive your company 's Department ID and PIN from our Concierge.


Documents for printing directly on the Canon Printer (via flash drive):

• Configure A4 Paper;

• Save in PDF;


Documents for printing via the Portal (during business hours):

• Configure A4 Paper;

• Save in Word or PDF;

Other formats, send to e-mail: on working days and business hours.


Please advise whether the copy will be Color or B/W and which print format.


The printing default is 01 document per sheet.


Check our current price list.


Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is available for your access to some facilities, such as:

•  Book Meeting Rooms: through the portal you can access the availability map of all our meeting rooms and, through your login, make your reservation online.

•  My Purchases: you can consult all your purchases and consumption for the current month and previous periods.

•  My Messages: consult all your messages online.

•  Printing: request printing of documents through the portal, without the need to  use of flash drive or request to reception.

•  Collections: request a 2nd copy of slips.

Access our Portal or download the App .


Court de  Tennis

On the ground floor, the tennis court is for use by tenants upon prior reservation, which must be requested at the Infinity reception.

The changing rooms with showers are independent and can be used freely by the tenants.


Hall de  Relaxation

Space dedicated to the well-being of users, which has sofas and armchairs for resting and reading, indoor and outdoor tables for meals and occasional work moments that can be used freely by the tenants on the ground floor.



Netpark is the company responsible for managing the condominium parking lot.

Infinity has stamps for the release of guests and vacancies for monthly members.


See price table



The building has a gym on the ground floor, and Infinity customers who have a building access card  (fixed use) can access all the health care benefits without having to leave their_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ workplace.



Mon to Fri from 7am to 9pm


No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited on the premises of the building and Infinity Coworking.


Beauty Space

The space is managed by the company Stúdio Ana Sena .


Opening hours of :

Mon to Fri from 8:30 am to 6 pm by appointment.


Animals de  Pets

Animals are not allowed to enter and stay in Infinity's facilities, except for guide dogs, if the building allows it.


Brigade de  Fire

Please be advised that in the event of a fire alarm, the Infinity team will advise you of the building evacuation procedure when necessary.

In this situation  NEVER USE THE ELEVATOR , just go to the fire doors highlighted on the map below and calmly descend the service stairs, where a team will be ready to help.


Meet a  Region

Infinity Coworking is in a modern building, located in a safe, planned area with several leisure and service options.

We are:

  • 350m from Shopping Iguatemi Alphaville;

  • 500m from Castelo Branco Highway;

  • 10km from the city of São Paulo.


  • Congonhas (26 km);

  • Guarulhos (45 km);

  • Viracopos (88 km).

In addition to the building's fitness space, the region has several other gym options.


  • Bodytech;

  • Bio Rhythm;

  • Smart Fit;


  • Radisson Alphaville;

  • Comfort Suites;

  • Quality Suites;

  • Bourbon Business;

  • Blue Tree.

In the surroundings of the building there is an immense diversity of restaurant options . 


See our suggestions below.


guide to

Filé de peixe banhado


Tel. 3352-2000

Al. Rio Negro, 111 

Shopping Iguatemi  



Tel. 4208-5866

Calçada das Gloxinias, 19  Centro Comercial 



Tel. 4688-1160

Al. Rio Negro, 111  Alphaville

Does not deliver


Tel. 4191-9141

Al. Rio Negro, 585  Alphaville

Does not deliver

China in box

Tel. 4191-4530 / 4191-6092

Calçada do Lírios, 54  Centro Comercial 


Love in pieces

Tel. 4195-2258 / 4191-8686

Calçada das Orquideas, 72  Centro Comercial


fitness bistro

Tel. 4199-0511

Rua da Prata, 366 

jd. dos Camargos 


Mister Salad 

Tel. 2626-0572

Calçada das Gardenias, 6 

Centro Comercial 


La Ville

Tel. 4133-1200 / 4192-3009

Al. Rio Negro, 1286 alphaville 


Tulip Restaurant

Tel. 4195-3589

Al. Rio Negro, 1030 


Does not deliver

crystal restaurant

Tel. 41915-5358

Al. Mamore, 989




Tel. 4208-2043 / 99727-6524

Praça das Rosas, 100  Centro Comercial 

Does not deliver

vile moonlight

Tel. 4208-7337

Calçada dos Carnations, 48  Centro Comercial 


Conquest Restaurant

Tel. 24195-3212 / 4195-2936

Calçada das Papoulas, 29  Centro Comercial 


Marmite Empire

Tel. 4202-8817 / 94137-5017


Tamarillo Healthy Cuisine

Tel. 4191-8156 / 4161-3457

Praça das Margaridas, 84  Centro Comercial

Does not deliver

Phones Useful


In case of an emergency, contact the numbers below:

  Fire: Fire alarm and emergency situations  

Firefighters(11) 4199.2955


Rescue (11) 4199.1400

  Security: Events with or without victims (Break-ins, Assaults, depredations, robbery and accidents)   

SAMU  192

Municipal Guard of Barueri  153

Military Police (COPOM)  190

Barueri Police Station (11) 4198.1639

Central Emergency Room  (11) 4198.4166

Avenida Guilherme Perereca Gugliemo, 262

  Rio Negro Building  

Duty   (11) 4552.8817

Reception from Mon to Fri from 6.30 am to 9 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm *2

24h concierge  *

Important: for extensions starting with asterisks, use the wireless intercom at reception.

  Infinity Coworking  

Principal   (11) 3036.1800

Whatsapp  (11) 93295.4637

24h concierge  *


Buy  online


Now you can buy  packages for meeting and coworking rooms .


Just go to our Store.

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